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by John Clark February 05, 2021 3 min read

There’s no better way to celebrate the person you love than sharing a memorable experience together. At TANDM Surf, we believe “it takes two” and sharing a wave with your loved one is the perfect way to practice teamwork, communication, and grow stronger as a couple. This Valentine’s Day, skip the flowers and chocolate and paddle out for an experience you’ll be sure to remember for years to come.

In an effort to share the stoke and get more people on the water, we’re offering the chance to win our best-selling Tandem Boogie AIR valued at $459. To enter, simply click here and enter your info. Best of luck! 

What’s the experience like?

Still not convinced tandem is for you? We caught up with a few tandem riders and asked them who they typical tandem with and what’s their favorite part of the experience. Here’s what they had to say.

“I typically tandem with my girlfriend Erin. It’s a change of pace from surfing and it brings me back to my childhood — boogie boarding with my friends.” –Logan Miller

“I mostly tandem with boyfriend Logan, but I’ve also gone with my best friend and my cousin. It’s always super fun, because Logan does all of the work—I feel like we’re our happiest when at the beach! “ –Erin Wallace

“I typically tandem with my girlfriend Sarah, but we are looking forward to sharing it with any of our friends and family that want to give it a try!

"Sharing a wave with a loved one is very impactful. Not only does it challenge you both physically, but also mentally when having to communicate where you want to paddle or which wave you should go on. Perhaps the best thing of all is that it gets you out into the water to spend time together and reinforces the importance of teamwork in a relationship.” –Skyler Singleton

“The first time my boyfriend Skyler and I tried Tandem Boogie was with a huge group composed of our family and friends in San Clemente—that day is still remembered as the best day of summer! Since then, Skyler and I have purchased our own Tandem Boogie.

Paddling out and catching a wave on the Tandem Boogie requires us to work in sync—just like in many parts of life, it does take two. It’s a lot of work to catch a wave together on the same board, but it teaches us to work together as a team to share the stoke.” –Sarah Shea

“As an avid surfer and body surfer a full day at the beach for me is the best way I can spend my time. The one challenge I have had is that some of my friends, and my girlfriend now, do not have experience surfing or even negotiating waves and beach break. 

Tandem Boogie allows me to safely bring inexperienced folks into a surf zone. The first time I brought my girlfriend was the first time she has ever caught a wave, on anything in her entire life. And I was right there to put her mind at ease, talk about waves, currents, and all the tips on negotiating the ocean swells. The whole process is just fun, laughing and trying to get over waves on the way out together—you are together doing something fairly close and its mildly challenging so its a great thing for couples or families to do.” –David Meyler

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