Legendary Pro Bodyboarder Ryan Rhodes Test Rides TANDM Surf Air

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Tandem Bodyboard

A Bodyboarding Legend
Former Pro Bodyboarder (US East Coast DK* Legend) and Currently Sponsored Kayak Angler Ryan Rhodes takes a brand new product, TANDM Surf AIR, out for a Test Ride with both of his young daughters on the Outer Banks, North Carolina.

Ryan has a long and active career in the industry, including Custom X in Oceanside, California. From Hawaii, Ryan has settled down to now fish professionally for Hobie but still loves to enjoy the beach with his family.

“Growing up as an amateur bodyboarder, I kind of had a troubled youth but really the  relationship I developed with the ocean saved me. I wanted to share that dynamic with my daughters and so when I saw this, it couldn’t have been more appropriate. You can imagine, I was immediately inspired to reach out and take one for a spin with the kids.” Ryan explained.

With Ryan’s extensive knowledge of bodyboarding, we shipped one out right away. Ryan notes, “In a few days we had one in our driveway and my daughters and I were very excited to be off to the beach to try it out”. 

Tandem Test Ride
My oldest daughter caught her first waves at about three to four years old. Now eight years old, she is totally fearless and does things kids her age just don’t do. Future legend type stuff. 

Tandem Boogie

So there we are, catching a grip of waves on this great big board. With such surface area, it was very balanced with both of on the board. The handles are great helping us position properly to catch a wave. Buoyant and smooth it was like glass out there. We did some fun tricks with my oldest launching herself into the air off of the board. I actually caught a tube and that was it. Enough to tell me this thing has a big future.”


Tandem Bodyboard

The Ripping Results
“First of all, I was really impressed with how light and easy to pickup it was. I saw right away the quality it was made with. You can tell this is a real deal inflatable.

My daughters really loved it, and we fit on the bodyboard together just perfectly, riding wave after wave. “I thought it was super easy and it was super fun,” Ryan’s oldest daughter tells us.

Tandem Bodyboarding

With a whole crew watching and hooting,”the day at the beach with Daddy” was one I don’t think they (nor will I) will ever forget. The way things have been lately, we really needed to get out and have an epic time, so this reboot with the ocean really saved our summer.

We had a fantastic time and the Rhodes family would like to sincerely thank Tandem Boogie for the experience. We are now totally stoked to represent a brand new product that is sure to bring smiles to lots of Daddy/Daughters like us. I’m sure, shredders as well, when they get on one are going to go ballistic. This could really take off.”

“Back in the day BZ & Morey bodyboards really helped create an environment to encourage kids to have that special relationship water. This is simply the next chapter of that book. I can see this being the next big thing, no pun intended.”


*Drop knee is a hybrid bodyboarding method where the rider keeps one foot and one knee up on the board.

Contact Ryan Rhodes
Check out more of Ryan on YouTube or email him at boogierhodes@yahoo.com


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