Standout Features of the TANDM SURF boards

Standout Features of the TANDM SURF boards

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At TANDM Surf, we know you want to get the most bang for your buck when purchasing a board. While there are plenty of options out there, our boards are unique in more ways than one. Our inflatable boards are specifically designed for two people to ride at once, allowing for countless memories and bonding opportunities with friends and family. Here, we break down the technical features of our board and what sets them apart from the crowd.


While traditional body boards and surfboards can easily get banged up, our boards are built to last. On days when the surf is big or the crowd is careless, we’ve witnessed one too many broken boards. Or, if you happen to hit a rock or your board slips while loading it onto your car, the ding repair will easily cost you $50-$100. Plus, your board won’t look as pretty as it once did.

Our inflatable boards are constructed using military grade high density PVC material. The material is extremely durable and is the same material that is used in Zodiac boats and by the U.S. military. Meaning, it’s going to take a lot more than a run in with a rock or a collision with another surfer to damage your board.

To break it down, our boards are constructed using a base fabric, then a V-shaped drop stitch core, then a PVC rail layer, then another PVC rail layer, then a PVC coating, and finally a deck pad for maximum comfort. Each layer was thoughtfully chosen to ensure that our boards will provide fun for years to come. Additionally, our boards are backed by a two year warranty, should you encounter any issues. 


Lugging two bodyboards, a couple of beach chairs, and snacks, all while corralling a pack of kids at the beach can be a lot—that’s why we designed our boards to be lightweight and portable. Featuring our patent pending Dynamic AIR inflatable design, our boards are ultra lightweight, weighing in at just seven pounds. Additionally, our boards measure 51” x 34” x 4” when fully inflated but pack down into a bag that measure 38” x 10”. The board is simple to inflate and deflate and rolls up like a yoga mat to easily fit into the included bag for easy transport. Both our bodyboard and our surfboard feature the same technology, making your life a breeze, regardless of which way you choose to ride.


As a family of ocean athletes, we know what it’s like trying to store a myriad of boards—that’s why we designed an inflatable board. The inflatable technology allows it to be easily packed down, so you can simply stash it in your closet or a corner of the garage. Not to mention, when stowed in the bag, it’s small enough to bring on an airplane, so you can take it on all of your adventures.


For us, good isn’t good enough, so we included some extra features to make sure our board is above par. All of our boards include a dual action pump, storage bag, and a maintenance kit. Additionally, our boards include soft EVA handles as well as a built in GoPro camera mount, so you can easily capture all of your memories.


Our customers love the state of the art technology featured in our boards. Check out what they had to say!

“My little brother and I have a lot of fun riding waves with the TANDM Surf Bodyboard. Usually, we have to boogie board separately, but now we can catch big waves together on the board. It's also super easy to transport, which is something I value highly since my car is pretty small. All of our friends love riding it, and we actually had a couple of people we didn't know ask if they could try it out. A must have for hours of beach fun.” – Amani Lawrence

“As a big guy –6'4" and 240 pounds, this TANDM Surf AIR is perfect for me to ride solo at the beach. I also take my two kids out with me and we ride the white wash and float around. When we go out to the lake, I also pack it up in the travel bag and pump it up on the boat. We use it as a landing pad for the Drone camera and then jump off the boat and float around on it.” – Chuck Russell

“I didn't know the TANDM Surf board was missing from my life until I tried it! Getting on the water side-by-side with a friend is such a fun, silly, and memorable time! You can't help but smile when you ride this board. And I love that it packs down easily into the travel bag so I can take it on all of my adventures. Super stoked on this purchase.”  – Rebecca Parsons

“I am so glad we purchased the inflatable TANDM Surf  bodyboard for our family. We love how easy it is to carry to the beach or on the boat. We can pump it up in about 90 seconds and it just unrolls to form the perfect board for two! Congratulations TANDM Surf!”  – Susan Osborn

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