Tandem Boogie Transitioning to New Name: TANDM Surf

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The Beginning

Photo: Jeff Antenore

When Tandem Boogie LLC launched in January of 2020, we had no idea how quickly the business would come to grow and evolve over the coming months. We initially launched under the name “Tandem Boogie” and offered two tandem style bodyboards: Tandem Boogie PRO and Tandem Boogie AIR.

Our Fleet

Photo: Holden Forero

The Tandem Boogie Pro is a large bodyboard with curved rails, featuring the same foam material construction as the original boogie boards designed by Tom Morey. The Tandem Boogie Air is an inflatable bodyboard that features patent pending Dynamic AIR Design technology, soft grip handles, a built-in camera mount, and packs down into a convenient carry case. The Tandem Boogie Air quickly became our best selling model due to its portability and ease of use, so we slowly fazed out the Pro design.

Introducing TANDM Surf

At Tandem Boogie, we like to be inviting and inclusive to beach goers from all walks of life. Whether you’re a seasoned wave rider or have never set foot in the ocean, the Tandem Boogie board was designed for every lifestyle. In an effort to be even more inclusive, we will be changing our company namefrom Tandem Boogie LLC to TANDM Surf as we are about more than just bodyboarding. In correlation, we are excited to introduce you to our newest product: the TANDM Surf Surfboard!

The TANDM Surf Surfboard

Photo: Jeff Antenore

Specifically designed for two people, our surfboardsare 9’6”x 27”. Our TANDM Surfboard was developed using commercial grade PVC and inflatabledrop stitch material, resulting in a stiff yet easy to transport board. Featuring the same patent pending Dynamic AIR Design technology as our other boards, they are simple to inflate and pack down easily, making them ideal for all your travels. Additionally, they include a built-in camera mount to capture all the fun.

Click here to pre-order yours now!

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