Are you a brand influencer, blog content writer, professional athlete or just interested in sharing the TANDM Surf story?  We are now offering paid commission to our approved TANDM Surf program. It's simple..... get active in the brand and earn commission when friends, fans or blog readers click your personal referral link or use your code to make a TANDM Surf purchase!

Okay...Let's Get Started!  How do I enroll in the program?  
If you have never created an account or purchased a TANDM Surf board online, first set up a basic Tandm Surf account by clicking register above menu top right or CLICK HERE. 

The Next and final step will be to link your TANDM Surf account to an affiliate account so you can start earning right away. Once you have a basic TANDM Surf Account (Above) just visit  and fill out the info so we can review your approval request.  

Here is a basic overview of how things will work once your account is created and approved.  

  • You will enter your preferred PayPal payment email during sign up to our affiliate program
  • You will be given an exclusive referral link unique to you ONLY so you can share it with your friends of social media followers.  If you are writing a review of talking about Tandm Surf on your site or blog you can use the link there also.  
  • Anyone that clicks the link will send a "click" notice to our system and if they purchase you will get  commission on the entire order on board purchase orders .  
  • You may be given a unique discount code also, if you want to offer a %  off coupon discount to your friends, blog readership or followers.  This creates a great incentive for people to buy and then you get commission. 
  • Check back often to your own affiliate dashboard to see your earnings
  • We will send payment weekly/monthly to your PayPal email!

We look forward to you joining the TANDM Surf brand's team! Now let's build the TANDM Surf community, get more folks smiling on the water and riding waves together!