2 Pack of Dig and Hold Anchoring System for Sand and Snow - NEW PRODUCT!

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Great for anything that might run, swim, float, or blow away in the sand or snow!

Dig and Hold is a one of a kind Ground Anchoring System. The easy to use lightweight dish and key allow you to secure your beach umbrellas, pop up canopies, volleyball nets, kayaks, fishing poles, dogs, inflatables and more. Our fans think of new uses for it every day, such as trampolines, hammock stands, small trees and equipment. Dig and Hold includes two 5″ dishes, two keys with paracord and two 14′ webbing straps.  The round design has no sharp edges. Carry it in your beach bag, backpack, vehicle or toolbox without damaging other belongings.  

How it Works

  1. Use the round dish to dig down approximately 18 inches in sand or soft soil; use a shovel if needed in firmer soil.
  2. Run the rope up through the keyhole at the bottom of the dish.
  3. Pull rope all the way through until the key is firmly seated.
  4. Place Dig & Hold in the hole.
  5. Now cover and pack down the sand or soil as you fill in the hole.

Hundreds of uses! 

The Dig and Hold is perfect for dogs, volleyball nets, kites, canopies, kayaks, umbrellas, fishing poles, beach chairs and so much more!