TANDM Surf Air Bodyboard

Color Pink/Teal

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Share the joy of catching and surfing waves, sledding down snowy hills or floating in the lake with your family and friends with the Tandm Surf AIR Inflatable Bodyboard for two people.  The patent pending Dynamic AIR Inflatable Design allows you to carry the board anywhere.  Since its inflatable, It rolls up and fits conveniently into a travel bag.  You just show up at the beach and pump it up.  Includes soft EVA safe handles and a built-in camera mount to capture all of the memories.  Don't forget your GoPro camera and to share the fun with everyone! Ships with a dual action pump, storage bag and a maintenance kit. 


  • TANDM SURF AIR INFLATABLE BODY BOARD - Designed so two people can ride together! Share the joy of catching waves, sledding down snowy hills or floating in the lake with your family and friends. Because 2 is better than 1. As seen on Shark Tank.
  • TWICE THE FUN - Features handles on the nose and rails, so both riders can easily hold on and ride waves at the same time. Go solo, side-by-side, or front and back -- it's your choice. Capture those memories, thanks to the built-in camera mount.
  • TRAVELS ANYWHERE - The patent-pending Dynamic AIR inflatable design makes the board super easy to carry and transport.  Since it's inflatable, it rolls up and fits conveniently into the travel bag, perfect for your trunk or as your checked luggage.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - The TANDM Surf is not your average inflatable, and is designed from military-grade, extremely durable PVC. It's so easy to inflate using the included pump. Just show up at the beach and in minutes, you'll be out on the water.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED - Each board comes in a small box (rolled up like a yoga mat) and also includes a pump, storage bag and maintenance kit. The board features soft, EVA-safe handles. Measures 51 x 34 x 4 when inflated and weighs 7 lbs. Safe for kids.

Each TANDM AIr comes with the TANDM board that includes 5 handles, soft EVA deck, GoPro Camera Mount, Pump, Storage Bag and Maintainence Kit.

easy transportation

roll it, pack it and go

The TANDM Air rolls up like a Yoga mat for easy transportation and storage making beach and snow trips easy!

double the fun

Fun for the whole family

Use the TANDM Bodyboard with one or two people. The large size and bouyancy make it the easiest board to learn to surf on!


tandm sisters

It's all laughs and smiles on the TANDM bodyboard.

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TANDM Surf Takes On the Snow
TANDM Surf Takes On the Snow

gopro camera mount included

capture memories