TANDM Surf  versus The Wedge

TANDM Surf versus The Wedge

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Since its launch in January of 2020, TANDM Surf  has proven it's versatility time and time again. It’s been ridden solo, in parent-child duos, friend pairs, with a pup, as a SUP, and as a post-session table for games and snacks. Most recently, the TANDM Surf  was taken out in double overhead surf, adding one more activity to its ever-growing repertoire.

The Tandem Boogie team.

On Sunday, October 4, as the sun lazily made its morning debut, the TANDM Surf  team headed to the Wedge in Newport Beach, California to test the board in heavy surf. According to Surfline, the waves were 6-10 feet, with head high to double overhead sets. When we arrived at the iconic spot, the beach was packed and the water was lined with surfers, body boarders, and body surfers, all competing for a slice of the action.

First up on the TANDM Surf  were elite body boarders Tristan Ray and Craig Whetter. After securing their position in the lineup, a mid-size peeler rolled through and the duo dropped in, making history by becoming the first pair to TANDM Surf  the Wedge. They rode the wave all the way into the beach, smiles plastered across their faces, before heading back out for more.

Ray and Whetter dropping into history.

“It was pretty epic,” said Ray.

“It was electric,” added Whetter. “Under the right conditions, I’d do it all day.”

Next up: Kenneth Viernes hailing from Oahu, Hawaii and Jacob Papazian from Whittier, California.

After being summoned from the water where they were shredding on McDonald’s trays, Viernes and Papazian swapped out their trays and upgraded to the TANDM Surf  and paddled back out for more action. The duo took turns riding waves in tandem and solo, some waves ending in wipeouts, others in memorable rides. After clocking the highest wave count for the day on the TANDM Surf , the pair made their way into the beach— exhausted but stoked.

It takes two.

“It was a lot of fun,” said Papazian. “It’s definitely exciting because of how buoyant it is and it’s fun to drop in on those big sets.”

“I think it’s the fastest thing I’ve ever ridden,” said Biernes. “It’s a fun twist on body boarding.”

Biers taking it for a solo run.

Last up: Dimitri Lyman and Alex “Gubben” Pain, both fifteen-year-old Wedge regulars that were gladly recruited on the spot. As a set rolled in, the pair paddled hard, making the drop before catapulting over the falls where they undoubtedly put on an impressive display of underwater acrobatics. 

“That was actually better for him than making it,” said Lyman’s dad from his post on the beach. “He loves wiping out.”

“His middle name is Action,” he added. “So he’s always trying to live up to that.”

Dropping in.

The next wave was met with more success and the pair’s mouths formed big O’s as they dropped in on one wave after another. After they’d had their fill, they rode into the beach, their joy contagious.

“The TANDM Surf  made it ten times more fun!” exclaimed Pain.

Pain visibly stoked.

All and all, the day was a riveting success. Three pairs successfully rode the TANDM Surf  in overhead surf, proving that the TANDM Surf  can hold in its own in small surf, big waves, and everything in between. Spectators cheered from the beach as they watched the impressive display of bravery and talent.

“I thought they were crazy at first,” said Jana Cantrell who was watching the action from the beach. “I’d never seen it before but after watching, I saw that they knew what they were doing and it was so much fun!”

Spectators couldn't take their eyes off the Tandem Boogie.

In addition to making history with the first TANDM Surf  experience at the Wedge, the day also officially kicked off Bodyboarding US’s Shred the Web contest with all three pairs’ rides being entered under the ‘Tandem for Fun’ category. The contest is the first Bodyboarding US/APB North America online event. The virtual contest runs from September 21- January 10 and is open to residents of the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, as well as competitors that participated in the 2019 Ocean Beach Festival. The prize purse is $2,000 and the top two ‘Tandem for Fun’ teams will win a TANDM Surf  AIR. Be sure to get in on the action and submit your entry before January 10th! 

More information available at: http://bodyboardingus.com/event2.html









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