The Many Ways to Use Your TANDM Surf

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When we first created the TANDM Surf , even we couldn’t visualize what it would become. What was originally created as a platform to spend more time together as a family, evolved into a business with a mission of bringing people together through shared experiences on the water. As our boards went out into the wild, people got creative and we kept discovering additional ways the Tandem Boogie could be used. Here are a few of our favorite ways to ride tandem, but the list is ever growing!


The most obvious way to use the TANDM Surf  is in the surf. Like a traditional bodyboard, the Tandem Boogie can be used to ride waves solo. But, because our board has a greater surface area, multiple riders can use it at the same time. We’ve even seen three people ride the board at once as well as go tandem with their dog! Although our boards are inflatable, they are sturdy and stable and can be ridden in baby waves as well as overhead waves.


If we can’t be at the beach during the summer, the lake is the next best thing and the TANDM Surf  makes it that much better. While it’s nice to float around on your board in the shallows, it’s even more fun to tow behind a boat. To ride, simply get a good towrope and hold on tight! We’ve had a lot of fun riding tandem as well as cruising in and out of the wake solo.


If you live in a region that isn’t sunny year round, your TANDM Surf  doesn’t need to sit in the garage collecting dust during the winter. We’ve recently discovered that the board doubles as a sled, allowing for plenty of wintertime shred action. Ride down your local sled hill solo, tandem, or if you’re feeling bold, try standing up!


The uses for the TANDM Surf  are endless. We’ve seen people ride it standing up, lying down, with a paddle, with their dog, or simply float on it. We’ve also seen it used on the beach as a card table, a picnic platform, a drone landing pad, and so much more. We can’t wait to see the creative ways you use your Tandem Boogie! Tag us on Instagram: @TANDMSurf 

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